True 1. genuine 2. real or actual (fact) .

Herbalist 1. a practicer of Herbalism 2. a Dealer in Medicinal Herbs. 

Herbalism 1. The study or practice of the medicinal and therapeutic use of plants.

We gave you all those definitions to solidify the name of our company. The absolute truth is the shit just sounds cool to us and after we saw it on paper, we said, "fuck it", let's roll with it. Really, your Truherbalist™ is your everyday smoker. The smoker who gets high to create new ideas. The smoker who thinks everything is better with herb. We mean every writer, every rapper, every artist, well maybe not "every", but you get the point.

Truherbalist™ is a true smoker through-and-through. So, if you can relate or know of anyone like this, we would like to give you a new title of being a Truherbalist. Welcome to the family.